The following portrays professional reality TV stardom: Do not attempt

Let us all be honest and say we cannot wait to watch the newest episode of “Jersey Shore.” Without them we run out of acronyms like FPC (Fist pump, Push-up, ChapStick) and GTL (Gym, Tanning, Laundry). It is about as close as some of us ever get to fully living a carefree life, and I feel that is a big reason why reality television is such a phenomenon. 

Who can live a life of partying, drinking and sleeping around every single day as it is portrayed on television? Sitting on the couch watching is much easier than living the reality television version of life. 

Most of the time people take what they see in reality shows way too seriously. The characters are relatable in some instances, and viewers feel that what they are seeing is actually real. I have sat watching and all of a sudden I get emotionally involved. Then I realize, “Wait. What I am seeing is just for entertainment.” 

From Kim Kardashian’s fairy tale wedding to Snooki’s ridiculous drunk dancing, it is all to increase the amount of viewers the show receives. 

A part of us envies how these reality stars get to live. Would you want to do whatever you wanted no matter how stupid you look and get paid for it? 

It would be the greatest vacation from civilized life that any of us could dream, but if we all have to do that, then society would never be able to function properly. The more we realize that reality television is only to keep us entertained, the better off we will be. 

A large problem with shows like Jersey Shore is that people try to replicate that lifestyle and in turn, make the show more real than it actually is. Finding where to draw the line can be difficult when shows display what seems like a really appealing lifestyle. 

Maybe if everyone can lighten up and watch reality television as if it is “Seinfeld” or “The Simpsons,” then they can begin to understand that the show cannot and should not be imitated. Even in the reality shows, the celebrities find themselves struggling to keep that lifestyle intact because it becomes their real image. 

Those who are taking these shows to heart are the ones missing the whole entertainment factor. It is like watching a movie except the actors do not have a script to follow. 

The main goal for reality television is to seem as real as possible so that those watching feel like they can relate. Viewers beware. The people in the shows are doing what THEY are supposed to do. 

We do not watch television unless it is entertaining. What is the point of taking it seriously? After all, it is not the news, and it is not real. 

It is meant to attract attention, and that is exactly what it does. The scenarios are supposed to be a little unrealistic, and they are supposed to be really exciting and eventful. Ever wonder how all the reality lives are so exciting ALL the time?

Matthew Davis is a sophomore writing major from Philadelphia.