Presidential hopeful’s son makes campus visit

Ron Paul’s son spoke to students Monday about his father and what it meant to be a true libertarian.

Robert Paul, the youngest son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, said government should never be the answer to problems people could solve on their own.

Paul pinned education as the key to fixing the country, but when asked about Federal Student Aid, Paul said it should not exist. He said uncontrolled government spending would lead to a future people were not ready to face.

“In the future, you will think you still have freedom,” he said. “The problem is that you won’t have the money to be free.”

He also stated that the government needed to get out of the citizens’ lives and to allow them to earn their place in the world.

“I live in a country where the president can kill me because I’m speaking out against him,” Paul said. “Somebody has to say no to this.”

Paul said the media had a hostile agenda toward his father and that they continue to ignore the success he achieved during his political career. Paul defined his father as a true libertarian because he believed in people, which he said was something the country could use.

“That’s the problem,” Paul said. “We need to believe in ourselves again.” Paul said his father, Ron Paul, would be at the university on Wednesday to talk about his campaign.