Former chancellor undergoing cancer treatment, doing well

Former chancellor undergoing cancer treatment, doing well

Former Chancellor Mike Ferrari has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for the past 18 months but says he’s been feeling great and that he feels encouragement and blessed from the prayers and support.

Despite his treatment, Ferrari has continued to be the chairman of the Pier 1 imports board but announced to the board that he will not be able to run for reelection this year.

He said he attended the June 26 meeting via conference call from Wake Forest, Ill. after doctors advised him not to travel to Fort Worth, he said. He did attend the meeting via conference call. Ferrari did travel to other regularly scheduled meetings in both January and March.

“Early summer has posted some new challenges but the board was very gracious and very supportive,” Ferrari said.

Ferrari will continue to serve on the board even though he will not be chairman. He is scheduled to continue treatments for the next several weeks.

He was the chancellor for TCU from 1998-2003 and saw many renovations to buildings, specifically the science labs. He said his time at TCU was a capstone to his 20 plus year career in higher education.