Market Square to receive updates in time for school


With the school year starting right around the corner, students can expect changes on campus starting with Market Square.

Students will see a made-to-order smoothie bar, a new deli station and an extended salad selection, Michael Dahl, direction of operations, said. Market Square would have major changes ready around Aug. 12, Dahl said.
The changes came from the dining services committee, surveys filled out by students and brainstorming from the Market Square and Sodexo teams, Dahl said.
Dahl said to expect the changes below.
Amenity Changes
To start, Market Square is in the process of changing the countertops all over. The new marble granite countertops replaced the plastic ones from before and will also be lower. This will allow students to have a better experience while watching someone prepare their food.
On the west side of Market Square where the omelet bar used to be located, there will now be the deli section where students can have their sandwiches made for them. The omelet bar will be moved to integrate with where the stir fry line is located. The plan for the omelet bar is still in the works. 
TCU also purchased three large woks for where the stir fry is cooked. This will eliminate the longer time normally experienced before with the stir fry line. Omelets will also be made faster with use of the woks. 
With omelets and stir fry using the woks new bowls will be brought in to accommodate the pan size on the woks. Market Square will also get new plates, salad plates, bowls and tumblers as well as more forks. 
The old plates, bowls, stir fry plates and tumblers will be donated to the Tarrant County Food Bank. 
The Green Machine option will now feature one hot plate and cold plate with the lunch and dinner meals. The vegan and vegetarian food line will also get an update to their menus. 
Finally, where the chocolate fondue station was previously on Sunday mornings at brunch, there will be a made-to-order smoothie bar. TCU made sure to purchase blenders that can accommodate the expected high volume of traffic. 
Food Changes 
TCU students can expect to see more fresh ingredients added to this year’s Market Square menu.
To start, TCU will continue to make their fresh dough for their pizzas and are looking into offering a flatbread pizza. They will also be rolling fresh mozzarella to put on some of their specialty pizzas. 
The current salad station will get a facelift in terms of appearance, but the fruit bar will be taken out and replaced with three soups. Market Square will offer now five soups daily with some recurring soups and some seasonal. 
On the side where the deli is currently, there will be a signature salad made fresh in front of students. Also, fruit will be displayed at the end of the counter toward the seating area.
The made-to-order smoothie bar will have fresh fruit and frozen fruit displayed for students. 
Organic vegetables and fruits will now be available from Colorado as well.