Chef Tim Love gives away free food from new food truck


In search of perfection, Chef Tim Love visited TCU's campus Wednesday afternoon.

Love, owner of Fort Worth eateries including The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, The Woodshed and The Love Shack gave away free food in front of Brown-Lupton University Union to debut menu items featured in the Big Purple Food Truck, a new food truck that will open on campus in the fall.

“Anytime you open up something new there’s always something that you’re missing,” Love said. “The only way to figure that out is to give it away for free for a little bit.”

Sarah Powley is from Los Angeles and said food trucks are a popular commodity there. Prowley had the fresh french fries and barbecue mayo during the food giveaway and said she loved it.

“We’re just testing the food, getting people’s reactions,” Love said. “It gives an opportunity for our cooks to go through the motions.”

Alaina Ice, sophomore religion major, said she and her friends ran to the truck when they heard about the free food. Ice said she had hushpuppies and found them to be “surprisingly good.”

Love said that thus far they have received “tremendous” feedback from others and will continue the process of testing out new foods until everything is perfect.

“We’ll make some tweaks as always and we’ll do it again, and when we decide what’s necessary, we’ll open up,” Love said.