Ignite to feature new speakers this year

Eight new speakers have joined the campus ministry, Ignite, on the mission to inspire students as well as help them find a church home, according to Ignite co-president Kaity Wegen.

For the past two years, the Rev. Matt Larsen of Dallas was the resident speaker, Wegen said. This year Ignite will have several different speakers, she said. 

Larsen moved to Connecticut with his family to pursue his Ph.D at Yale University, Wegen said.

This summer, the campus ministry, Ignite searched for new speakers in the Fort Worth community.

"Larsen is a wonderful speaker, so it was a little intimidating for the Ignite team to find new speakers in the DFW area," Wegen said.

Ignite has eight speakers scheduled for the fall semester who are full-time pastors from the DFW area. 

The majority of the speakers will preach two consecutive weeks at a time, Wegen said. She said this will be a new experience for the students who are close to the ministry, however, she has heard nothing but good responses thus far.

Ryan Hasley, director of community outreach for Ignite, said that the organization always had a good showing and the new speakers have not altered the attendance rates.

The Rev. Josh Patterson from the Village Church will be speaking for Ignite on Monday, Sept. 10th at 9 p.m.

Ignite was founded in the spring of 2010 when 11 students from diverse backgrounds joined together to bring a unique ministry to the university.

The mission statement of Ignite is to unite students from across campus under one roof to hear the Gospel, worship the lord and be the body of Christ.