Alpha Omicron Pi holds colonization ceremony

Alpha Omicron Pi holds colonization ceremony

Alpha Omicron Pi, the university's new Panhellenic sorority, offers many women the opportunity to leave a legacy on campus and to cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime, sorority advisors said. 

“What really makes AOPi unique from other greek organizations on campus is the fact that it’s new," said Mary Beth Grayson, new member advisor for Alpha Omicron Pi. "The women have the opportunity to be founders and really shape what AOPi is going to be in the future, and leave a legacy on this campus long after they’re gone."

Arianna Fota, Educational Leadership Consultant for Alpha Omicron Pi, decided to join Alpha Omicron Pi because of the friendships and community involvement she discovered within the Panhellenic organization.  

“The women just stood out to me so much that it made me feel like I was missing something,” Fota said. 

AOPi was founded based on friendship, something the members strive to live by everyday, Fota said.  She hopes to pass this on to the new members at TCU.

AOPi decided to start a new chapter of their organization at the university because of the values it represents, said Mary Sweeney, educational leadership consultant for AOPi. The university and AOPi both value academic excellence, service, leadership and loyalty, she said.

“Something that really stood out to AOPi about TCU was how proud and excited the student body is about TCU, and being so school spirited," Sweeney said. "And that’s what AOPi really strives for in our membership: To be proud of AOPi, and be proud to wear our letters, and be proud to stand for the values that we have."

AOPi is looking for women who are involved in leadership, and are interested in becoming more involved on campus, Fota said. They are also looking for women from a variety of different grade levels, Grayson said.

Sweeney, along with others who work for Alpha Omicron Pi’s international headquarters, have set up information tables outside of Market Square and the Mary Couts Burnett Library each afternoon for the past few weeks, she said. They have also sponsored informational sessions a few nights a week in the Brown-Lupton University Union. 

AO Pi has had great success with recruitment so far, and has received support from many sororities and fraternities on campus, Sweeney said. 

“The quality of women that go to TCU is just blowing us away, and we are so excited to create our own chapter here, and make some thing new to TCU and AOPi,” Sweeney said. 

TCU’s chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi's bid day was Saturday, Sept. 15,  along with a colonization ceremony on the 16th.  The new members will be initiated in 6 to 8 weeks.