Patterson: “We had to survive this”

Patterson: We had to survive this

Coach Patterson said the team "survived" a win in Dallas against the SMU Mustangs. Here are a few other quotes from the team following their 24-16 win:

Coach Gary Patterson:

On preparing his team for the second half: "As I pulled them out at halftime, I told them we’re going to have to survive this. I told them how this was going to go down. Guys were taking stuff off, they weren’t ready for the second half. You get that with a young ball team.” 

“They say we should have taken the freshman punter out, put in the senior. Well, for whatever reason, the senior snapper lets it roll back there two times. We got lucky."

On the rivalry:

"I’m glad we’re 4-0. Every time I come into this ball game, it’s been like this. It doesn’t matter what the record’s been, it’s never been that way. We always struggle whenever we come over here except when you have coaching changes. We need to play a lot better football against Iowa State next week to win."

“We found another way to get it done. If you told me before the season that we’d be 4-0, with the guys we lost, I’d probably be jumping up and down.”

On the weather:

“Rain had nothing to do with this. I don’t know about any of that. [SMU] got rain too. For us, again, young football team. Between the 15 true freshmen, one of which is the punter, kicker, we didn’t handle it. Missed two field goals because of snaps.”

On SMU running back Zach Line:

“The last two years, because we were playing a June Jones offense, we didn’t want to practice the run. This week, we worked on the run. He hurt us badly the last two seasons. So, we made a gameplay around that. He wasn’t going to hurt us this week.”

“That gameplay helped us. The rain helped us that way, because we weren’t catching, they weren’t catching. Whoever ran the ball best would have opportunity."

Wide receiver Skye Dawson:

On the weather: “It was tough. The ball felt like it was a weighted ball. It was soaking wet. You just have to concentrate even more on it.”

“It felt ugly. The weather ruined a lot of stuff. Lots of dropped passes, but we just have to concentrate more.”

On the team during halftime:

“I think we were just more tight, not losing energy. We should have stretched more, get looser. I think we would have been better if we did that. But, we finished it, got the win, that’s all that matters."

On continuing the Battle for the Iron Skillet:

“The series will continue. We should still compete for the Iron Skillet and we won it back this year. We plan on keeping it at TCU.”

Safety Elisha Olabode: 

On Chris Hackett's first career start:

“He played very well, I was proud of him. He caught his first interception and fumble recovery. It was great to see.”

On the weather:

“When I saw the weather, I knew the defense had to step up. Rainy game and raining hard, [defense] has to win the game.”