Police: Student robbed on Sandage Avenue

Police: Student robbed on Sandage Avenue

Police are looking for two men who robbed a TCU student late Thursday night about a half mile east of campus, according to a Fort Worth Police report. 

Chris Cresci, a freshman business major, said in a phone interview Friday that he was parked on Sandage between Cantey Street and McPherson Avenue waiting for a text message when two tall men approached his vehicle. 

One of them knocked on his back window and tried to get into Cresci’s car, placing his hands inside an open window to unlock the door, he said. 

Cresci said he noticed the man had a “long silver object which had a point on the end” in his hand. Cresci said he tried to stop the man from opening the door by pinning his arm against the man’s while trying to turn on his car to drive away, he said. 

Cresci said he was unsuccessful as the man opened the door before he could get his car started. 

“[The man] put his hands on my shoulders, and that's when he threw me out of the car,” Cresci said.

While being thrown out, Cresci said he was cut by the object the attacker had and received a four inch “slash” on his torso.  

Cresci said he hit his head on the cement and “blacked out for about two minutes.” When he came to, he said his door was open and his wallet had been stripped clean.

He said he saw that the two men had tried to remove his car’s stereo system but were unsuccessful.

Since the robbery took place off campus, Fort Worth Police are running the investigation, Sgt. Kelly Ham of the TCU Police Department said. 

When asked how he was feeling today, Cresci said “better than last night.”


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