Rowdy fan behavior at Iowa State game concerns Cavins-Tull


Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull sent an email Thursday afternoon urging students to represent TCU in a positive way "on and off the field."

During last week’s football game, certain students in the student section were reported throwing bottles and food at Iowa State players and coaches, as well as yelling racial and homophobic comments, Cavins-Tull wrote.

For example, a bottle of whiskey was thrown at one of the Iowa State coaches, Cavins-Tull said at the Intercom meeting Thursday evening.

Some students responded to this behavior by emailing complaints to the university, describing the negative acts of TCU fans as well as showing their displeasure and embarrassment.

“The University is judged by the acts of one or few,” wrote Kathy Cavins-Tull.

The negative behavior continued as the Fort Worth Police Department reported more alcohol incidents than usual.

The spike in alcohol-related incidents at the game could be due to the fact coats were not checked at the stadium entrances, Cavins-Tull said at the Intercom meeting. She also noted the lack of a tailgate beforehand as well as admitting Iowa State guests may have spurred the incidents.

FWPD said that 15 or more people were thrown out of the stadium due to alcohol related incidents, according to a TCU 360 article from last week.

“We had people throwing stuff onto the field, but we never could catch anybody doing that,” said Lt. Robin Krouse.

Unfortunately, the students involved in these acts have impacted the university in a negative way, Cavin-Tull wrote.

"We're going to lose on our home turf," Cavins-Tull said. "It's going to happen."

She encouraged students to live by the values set by the university to do the right things and abide by the student creed.

Below is the student creed, according to the email. 

"As TCU students, we commit to excellence by serving with respect, learning with passion, and leading with integrity." 

Maddie Schmitt contributed to this report.