Students react to claims of rowdy fan behavior


With police heavily stationed throughout the stadium and security guards at every corner, it is clear that complaints of rowdy fan behavior this season have changed the TCU football atmosphere.

After fans from the student section threw objects at Iowa State players and coaches as well as yelling racial and homophobic slurs at the home game on Oct. 6, administrators expressed concern about game-day behavior.

“There was a lot of stuff getting thrown at the opposing team,” said Katie Davis, a freshman business and criminal justice double major. “I actually got a beer can chucked at the back of my head.”

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull sent an email to the student body after the game addressing inappropriate behavior and letting students know of a text message system to report rowdiness.

“I agreed with the email,” Davis said. “I think it needed to be said because the fans were way out of hand at the game.”

Sam Dodson, a freshman mechanical engineering major, said he didn’t think the student body cared to read the email as the rowdiness continued at the next home game against Texas Tech on Oct. 20.

Other students expected nothing less than rambunctious behavior from fans after the move to the Big 12 conference.

“I expect some rowdiness from students because we are in a much bigger conference,” said freshman graphic design major Jamie Kenston.

“I think it’s all about the new Big 12 atmosphere,” said sophomore business major Evan Cliff. “It’s impossible to draw in a bigger crowd of students without having the rowdiness that comes with it.”

Fort Worth and TCU Police along with ROTC have also increased security presence at games. The past two home games, police have escorted rowdy students out of the stadium, sophomore environmental science major Karl Hoenecke said.

Senior accounting major Sam DiSanza appreciates an energetic crowd, but “fans should direct their energy to supporting TCU rather than throwing things at the opposing team and using offensive profanity.”

Students have mixed opinions about new game-day policies and security enforcement, but safety for everyone seems to be the ultimate goal for TCU.

Tyler Quinn, Whitney Pickens, Alison Peterson, Kelli Massey and Nick Anderson contributed to this article.