University officials investigating allegations of opossum killing


(Editor's note: Some of the tweets used in this story contain language that may be offensive to some readers.)

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University officials are looking into recent allegations that a fraternity killed an opossum and threw its carcass at another fraternity’s house late Friday night.

Several people tweeted and posted on Facebook on Saturday that some Sigma Alpha Epsilon members smeared blood on their faces and threw a dead opossum at the door of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house.

No complaints have been filed with university officials or TCU Police as of Tuesday but an investigation is ongoing, Fraternity and Sorority Life officials said.

Brooke Scogin, FSL director, said in an email that FSL “continues to gather information regarding these allegations.”

The following are screenshots taken from their respective Twitter accounts, which are open to the public.

All of the social media posts found describe the two specific fraternities and a dead opossum.

Some of the above posts have since been deleted.

The authors of those posts declined to comment when contacted.

A Delt fraternity member who wished to remain anonymous said SAE members caught an opossum Wednesday, tortured it, killed it with a hammer and threw it at the Delt house Friday night.

According to a statement from Delt President-Elect Logan Mims, a few Delt members saw other students have an “altercation with a small non-domesticated animal.” The other students may or may not be affiliated with any TCU fraternity, Mims said.

“We are cooperating with TCU officials and have made ourselves available to them or any other authorities who desire our help in the matter,” Mims said in a statement. 

However, SAE president Buddy Carruth denied the allegations.

Carruth wrote in an email, "My answer for you is no we do not have a statement to give regarding the incident. Why would we? Nothing happened."

He wrote that TCU360 was "blowing the situation out of proportion" and that the brawl never happened.  

University officials say investigations into the matter have yielded little results.

Campus activities director Michael Russel said the incident came to his attention after FSL coordinator Gaius George told him about a picture he had seen on a student's camera of someone holding a dead opossum.

"We’re sort of flummoxed at this point because we don’t have a complaint," Russel said.

George and FSL coordinator Molly Devine said they investigated the matter and found nothing substantial.

“We have no information," George said. "All I saw was a picture of someone holding an opossum. I told them that if they wanted to move the matter further, they needed to come forward with all of the information- the picture and things like that. So far, no one has come forward with anything."