Transfer dinner connects new students


January transfer students lined up between dinner tables to learn their first Riff Ram chant at a welcome event Thursday evening in the Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center.

The event, held by Student Development Services and the Transfer Student Advisory Board, provided an opportunity for transfer students to connect with other Frogs and learn about the resources TCU offers.

The advisory board also serves to help these students transition to life at TCU. The board consists of students who have experienced transferring as well.

There are an estimated 119 transfer students this semester, and about 40 signed up the dinner, said Keri Cyr, assistant director of transitions for sophomores and juniors.

"This [event] was really good because I didn’t go to the orientation,” said Kayla Mulliniks, one of the incoming transfer students.

Transfer students can still participate in Frog Camp, orientations and other TCU icebreakers, Cyr said.

At the event, members of the advisory board offered advice to incoming students based on their own experiences.

“The most important advice is to get involved and stay active,” said Transfer Student Advisory Board President Mark Filus. "I think college is about meeting people and if you shy away, or stay away, you will miss the most important opportunity… to network and to build.”

Board member Gilbert Dollar said because transfer students blend in, it can be hard to make connections at a new school.

"[People] should know that it is harder for transfer students because whenever you come in as a freshman everyone is looking to make friends, but when you come in as a transfer, people already have their friend groups,” he said.