Enrollment application numbers down but should still finish strong

TCU will bring in more than 18,000 applications for the class of 2017, despite a new early action policy put into effect by Baylor University, Ray Brown, director of admissions, said.

“Baylor, this year, changed their admission process to: ‘Sure, you can apply to Baylor early action,’” Brown said. “But they changed things around a bit and said that if you applied to Baylor early action, that you may not apply anywhere else early action.”

Brown said that Baylor University’s new early action policy has affected the amount of in-state applications the admissions department has received at TCU.

“We’re a couple percentage points behind, but we’re still going to bring in more than 18,000 applications for the 1,800 seats in the freshman class,” Brown said.

Prospective students from the class of 2017 visited campus on Monday as a part of the Monday at TCU program put on by TCU Ambassadors.

About 210 students from 23 states came to the event on Monday, Heath Einstein, director of freshman admissions, said.

The reason for the influx of applications is due to a larger exposure to areas that were previously not represented in the student body, he said.

“We’re starting to see more and more people from the northeast, the upper Midwest, the Southeast, than we ever did before,” Einstein said.

One prospective student from Illinois, McKenzi Latchford, said that she enjoyed TCU’s campus because of its size and the fact that “everyone loves it here.”

Benjamin Rodriguez, a prospective student from Fort Stockton, Texas, said that he was looking at TCU because “it’s a Christian school.”

Brown said that for the last few years, TCU “has been the second most selective school in the state of Texas.”

Monday at TCU will continue throughout the rest of the semester.

The next Monday at TCU event will be on February 25.