Knitting Club to benefit The Ships Project this semester


Music streamed from Pandora and filled room 3003 of Scharbauer Hall on Tuesday night as new and old members met for the Hooked On Helping: Club For Knitters third meeting of the semester.

Students and faculty sat around a long table filled with yarn and knitting needles. The meeting began with members sharing their name, where they were from, how long they have been knitting for and what kind of music they like to listen to.

One of the new members laughed and said he had started his knitting career five minutes prior to introductions.

Senior French major Cassandra Mech said she started the club last January because it incorporated two things that interest her: knitting and volunteering.

“It’s kind of a way for me to do both of the things I love,” she said.

Mech said last year the club benefited a new charity every two months. Some of the different organizations included Knit a SquareStitches from the Heartand the Fort Worth Women’s Domestic Shelter.

She said she did not know the exact number of knitted products that were sent out, but she said it was at least 50.

This year the club voted to focus on one charity each semester, Mech said.

Mech said members chose to benefit The Ships Project in the spring, so the club will be knitting hats this semester. The hats are sent to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines deployed across the world, according to the website.

Mech said she is encouraged by the expansion of her club in the past year, but new members are always welcome.

"This semester seems to have really taken a new life. New people come each week, and now we have guys, which is kind of fun," Amy Stewart, the unofficial adviser and weekly attendant of the club, said.

The club meets every Tuesday in Scharbauer Hall 3003 at 6:30 p.m. Mech said she requests new members to email her before meetings, so she can bring extra knitting needles.