SGA members discuss election policy, candidate requirements

SGA members discuss election policy, candidate requirements

Student Government Association members had elections on their minds Tuesday evening.

After long discussions and many amendments, SGA members unanimously passed a bill changing the requirements to run for student body treasurer and a bill changing the deadline to alter election code.

The bill concerning the student body treasurer proposed removing the requirement to take accounting before running for the position.

SGA members also passed an amendment to the bill requiring the candidate to have taken a basic math course, received transfer credit for a math course or take a math placement exam.

"I honestly think this is an absolutely fantastic bill," Jansen Harrison, elections and regulations committee chair, said.

The accounting credit is not necessary, Zach Madel, finance committee chair, said.

The treasurer only needs to have an understanding of excel and basic math skills, Treasurer Cody Westphal said.

SGA members expressed concern that the bill could result in the student body electing a treasurer who is not good at managing money.

"I think we need some sort of screening mechanism just to make sure," Katie Russell, Neeley School of Business representative, said.

This concern resulted in several amendments until the House of Student Representatives members passed the amendment requiring some proof of basic math skills.

Harrison said he hopes this bill will lead to more students running for treasurer.

The treasurer has run unopposed for the last two election cycles, he said.

House representatives also passed a bill to move the deadline for making changes to the election code. This bill was written to match the new election cycle amended last semester, Harrison said.

Student body elections are held in the spring, Harrison said.

The deadline for changing the election code will be in March, so candidates running for SGA will be sure of how the election process is going to work.

SGA members also said they planned to discuss a resolution to research the possibility of implementing a safe ride program at the university but were unable to keep quorum to vote on the resolution.

They decided to table the resolution to discuss it next meeting.

House is required to have quorum, or three-fifths of their representatives present, to vote on any bills or resolutions.

If the resolution passed, SGA members would research the possibility of a program for students to get a safe ride, according to the legislation.

Other important items from Tuesday’s meeting

• SGA members also passed a bill to give $1,160 to fund the purchasing of complex mirrors for the University Recreation Center.

• A member of the Student Veterans Organization came to Speaker’s Forum to appeal for SGA’s help in several initiatives, including a veterans lounge, a hired veterans adviser and an improved veterans website.

• The finance committee allocated $400 to the African Heritage Organization.

• Vice President Lauren Sharp announced a plan for an SGA March month for representatives to go out and meet their constituents.