Eleven40seven accepting creative submissions

Eleven40seven accepting creative submissions

Creative pieces of work such as poetry, prose, photography and studio art are submitted to eleven40seven, TCU’s journal of the arts, every semester.

Eleven40seven accepts submissions in all categories and any creative media, editor-in-chief Bill Hamlett said.

After the submission deadline, the editor in chief sends out copies of every submission to the staff, Allana Wooley, member of the editorial staff, said.

Eleven40seven has a blind submission policy, and only current TCU students can submit their work to the publication, according to the submission guidelines on the website.

"The copies we receive have no identifiers on them so that we can avoid bias in our decisions,” Wooley said.

Wooley said the staff “spends a weekend culling through the works” separately before they meet together to discuss the pieces.

“We come together to discuss how we can separate the great from the good. The great is what gets published,” Wooley said.

Senior modern language studies and writing double major Hamlett said that they look at the quality of work to decide what gets published.

“Generally when we’re searching through we search fairly organically for what we believe are the most excellent of the pieces that students submit,” he said.

Hamlett said that they are not looking for anything specific in the submissions this semester.

“It happens, it feels like, every semester that everyone seems to be writing about the same thing, or there seems like there is a coherent theme,” he said. “That’s nice, but it’s not usually something that we look for while we’re selecting.”

After the pieces are picked for the journal, the staff distributes copies at a release party hosted in the Moudy Building art gallery, Hamlett said.

“We have a big event with readings and people talking about their artwork,” Hamlett said.

Hamlett also said the journal is passed out to departments around the university, TCU bookstore and local coffee shops.

Eleven40seven also has an online publication, he said.

“It gets published with generally about 25% more pieces than what we accepted in the print version,” he said.

Wooley said that the group “want to create a print and expanded online magazine that showcases the very best of the TCU student body's talent.”

University students can submit their work to eleven40seven by March 1st.