Student makes appearance on “The Price is Right”

Student makes appearance on The Price is Right

Not many people can say that they have been on national television or that they have hugged TV star Drew Carey. 

However, after the trip of a lifetime in January, first year Business major Katie Brisbin can gleefully say she has accomplished both. 

On Friday morning Brisbin made her television debut on The Price is Right, a popular day time game show where contestants compete to win money and prizes by guessing the pricing of particular merchandise.

Although she said she was not allowed to talk about how she performed until after the show aired, Brisbin was able to say that she was the first contestant of the taping to make it on stage after successfully bidding on the opening item.

Brisbin said that once she got up in front of the studio audience and under the lights of the main stage, it was hard to believe that it was all actually happening.

"I couldn’t even believe that I was up there and that I got picked," she said. "When I got on stage, I was like is this even real?"

Being on the show is a family tradition of sorts, as both Brisbin's mother and father appeared on the show when they were younger. Beth Brisbin, Katie's mother, said that it was a great experience to see her daughter up on the very same stage she had once stood on as a contestant. 

“It was so much fun. I was so proud of her," she said. "It was so fun to see that she got called up there.”

Katie said that after hours of waiting and a long interview process, she was selected as one of nine contestants out of a group of 300 people. She said she had just about a minute to introduce herself to the producer and let them know why she would be a good contestant for the show.

Beth said that although this was the third Brisbin family member to be on the program, they will definitely go back to another taping.

“We want to go back and not have the pressure of being a contestant and see the fun of the show," she said.

Despite all the bright lights, pressure and long lines, Katie said that she will be back on the set of The Price as Right as soon as she can.

“The whole thing was great. I would do it again, and I will do it again," she said. "It was an experience I will not forget.”