Monday Night Comedy gives students a chance to show off their funny side


On Thursday nights, a crowd of students wait outside of the Brown-Lupton University Union Auditorium to watch Senseless Acts of Comedy perform.

However, for the students performing at Monday Night Comedy, the crowd is much smaller with about 20-30 students.

Monday Night Comedy is a variety show, and the acts range from storytelling, slam poetry, improvisation and musical acts.

Kelly Ryan, a member of SAC and one of the founders of Monday Night Comedy, said she took a stand-up comedy class in high school and was looking for a stand-up scene whenever she came to TCU.

She ended up joining SAC, but Ryan said that she was still interested in performing other types of comedy.

Her chance came last semester.

Ryan said there was a group that was interested in starting their own troupe, but did not have a place to do it.

SAC picked up the idea and decided to do something on Monday nights where everyone can come and do their own comedy, Ryan said. Anyone who is interested is able to participate.

“I think that there are so many funny people on this campus, and they’ve never really tried to do anything with it," Ryan said. “I really want people to start to use their humor and to really release it to the public.”

Samantha Bauman, a first-year political science and philosophy double major, told a story with her friend and said she has performed at all but one Monday Night Comedy show this semester.

Bauman came to the university with no comedy experience. She was invited to come to Loose Ends, the SAC training group, after a SAC show one week, abd was later asked to perform at a Monday Night Comedy show, she said.

Bauman said improvisation has become one of her new passions, and performing with Loose Ends and Monday Night Comedy is a rush for her.

“I love it. It’s really easy for me now for me to think on my toes and to tell stories in front of the audiences,” Bauman said.

The atmosphere of the show is helpful for new performers, and Ryan described it as accepting.

“It’s not as if you are going to a party, and you don’t know anybody and you don’t know if you can talk to anyone,” Ryan said. “Everyone in here is so friendly.”

Ryan said that the number of acts depends on the week and ranges from three to eight. The average audience size is 20 to 30 people, which Ryan said makes the audience more intimate and less intimidating.

However, she said she would like it to grow.

Because the audience is smaller, Ryan said that everyone that comes to Monday Night Comedy is looking to laugh really hard.

“That’s why they came here,” Ryan said. “It’s on a Monday, and no one wants to be alive on a Monday, so they really want to enjoy themselves.”

Holly Whitt, who alternates hosting the show with Ryan, said that Monday Night Comedy is different because of how it is more open to everybody.

“Literally anybody on campus that wants to can come and perform stand up, improv, musical comedy. We’re welcoming all of them,” Whitt said.