Fuzzy’s Taco Shop closed for renovations

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop closed for renovations

Fuzzy's Taco Shop shut down for renovations the Monday of spring break, but the restaurant is due to reopen soon.

“We are doing some much needed upgrading that we wanted to do,” Bo Martino, Fuzzy’s district manager, said. “That building is very old, so any kind of improvement that we wanted to do needed to be upgraded anyway. So we decided to do it all at once.”

Fuzzy’s management decided to begin renovations over spring break because there would be a minimal loss of revenue. They also decided that the timing of construction on Berry Street worked well with the decision.

“We’ve been discussing it for a while, and the timing was just right,” Martino said.

Martino said costumers continue to come to the restaurant and are surprised to see that it is closed.

“We posted it on our Facebook page, [and] we listed it on our website, but for some reason people have to have their Fuzzy’s fix,” Martino said.

Senior sociology major Austin Alex said that he was disappointed to see that Fuzzy’s was closed and had to find somewhere else to eat Mexican food.

Martino said that other than the restrooms getting remodeled, customers will not get to see many of the renovations, which include a 1,000 gallon grease trap and a larger kitchen.

“The front of the house really isn’t getting a lot of changes," Martino said. "In the back of the house, we had a bunch of coolers which drew a lot of electricity, produced a lot of heat and took up a lot of room back there, so we took them all out, tore down some of the walls and opened up the kitchen a little more.

“The front will change a little bit. The paint colors will change. There will be TCU purple on the ceiling.”

Martino said they took down all of the old wall décor, and they plan to try to start fresh. However, they will still keep some of the old pictures.

Franklin Battle, a first-year journalism major, said, “I’m really sad that they are closed because I love eating there, but I’m excited to see what they have done with the place."

Fuzzy’s is due to reopen the first week of April.