TCU students upset over calls from LoftVUE apartments


Some TCU students are complaining about an overbearing number of calls, texts and emails from the management of the LoftVUE apartments.

According to students, LoftVUE, which is scheduled to open in the fall, has repeatedly contacted them about signing a lease for the 2013-2014 school year.

Karlee Martin, a junior nursing major, said she is irritated by numerous calls and emails from the apartment's management. 

"A female would call, a male would call, a recording would call," Martin said. "And I would have voicemails from every single one."

Martin explained she has medical issues and originally thought the numbers calling were her doctors with important information.

"Then I started learning the three different numbers [LoftVUE] calls from," she said. "That's pretty bad if you can learn the numbers."

When she answered a call one day, Martin finally asked the woman on the phone to take her off the apartment's contact list.

Prior to unsubscribing, she said she would also receive two emails a day from the apartments.

She said her deeper frustration, though, is not knowing how LoftVUE got a hold of her contact information.

When TCU 360 contacted LoftVUE, Mike VonReiche, the community manager, said he was unable to comment and referred TCU 360 to the apartment's public relations department and the owners, but calls were not returned.

Director of Housing & Residence Life Craig Allen said he has received about a dozen calls asking whether TCU is affiliated with LoftVUE. 

"No, they're a private developer, a private apartment complex," he said.

The next question he has been asked, he explained, is how LoftVUE got a hold of student contact information.

"To which we responded, 'We don't know,'" he said.

Allen said he called LoftVUE asking the same thing and was only told LoftVUE has a marketing company handling public relations for them.

Allen said using Frog Calls on is a possible explanation. However, Housing & Residence Life did not give the information out.

If management did use Frog Calls, Allen said the information in the directory is considered public, and as far he knows, LoftVUE is not breaking any rules.

Martin said she thought her information was safe within the boundaries of the university and does not agree with businesses using it.

"It's the fact that I'm worried what somebody could do with the wrong information," Martin said.

Takyra Morgan, a junior computer information technology major who also received calls and emails from LoftVUE, said she too is worried about how LoftVUE got her information.

Morgan said she thinks it is wrong to grab contact information without permission.

"I want to be the one that, if I'm interested in something, I'll give you my contact information," she said. 

As for LoftVUE's marketing, Morgan said she does not think they will be successful in finding students to lease apartments. 

This story was updated on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 1:07 a.m.