SGA members debate funding homecoming concert

SGA members debate funding homecoming concert

Faced with $162,150 of unspent money in the Student Government Association budget, House of Student Representatives members are considering using the surplus to pay for a concert during homecoming.

This proposal was part of a $700,000 spending plan presented at Tuesday’s meeting. Treasurer Cody Westphal said this money is available in the budget because House members have not found ways to spend parts of SGA’s budget this year.

The homecoming concert would be one of three planned for October, Westphal said. An anonymous donor is paying for TCU’s traditional fall concert, and the fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi plans to host a concert in the same month, Westphal said.

The third concert would be used to create a homecoming tradition, he said.

"I think currently the homecoming tradition is lacking. A homecoming concert could be well-placed to establish that tradition," Westphal said.

The money could be used to establish a different homecoming tradition if someone approached him with an idea, he said.

Some House members questioned the need for spending the money on a concert.

"I just feel like there could be a better use for this money," Mary Valuck, a College of Education representative, said.

Members could choose to save the money and use it in a different way next year, Vice President of Operations Lauren Sharp said.

"I think saving the money, investing it, and using it on a bigger concert next year would be the most appropriate choice," Sharp said.

Students are charged $45 a semester in student body fees to cover SGA expenses, Westphal said.

“I think it’s balancing fiscal responsibility with what students want,” Westphal said. “And it’s just really hard to find out what students want.”