Student memorial dedication to be held Tuesday

Student memorial dedication to be held Tuesday

A dedication ceremony for the new student memorial honoring students and alumni who have died will take place Tuesday, according to Student Body President Joshua Simpson.

The ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. between Reed Hall and Jarvis Hall at the site of the memorial.

"A few seniors in [Student Government Association] will read passages, and I will speak briefly about the purpose of the memorial," Simpson said. 

Sarah Scherer, a member of the TCU rifle team and sister of Stephen Scherer, who died in October 2010, is scheduled to speak at the dedication about what it means to remember and honor someone, Simpson said.

Simpson said Chancellor Victor Boschini and Rev. Angela Kaufman are also expected to be at the memorial. 

"Chancellor Boschini will officially dedicate the memorial and Rev. Kaufman will offer an ending prayer,” Simpson said. 

Everyone in the TCU community is invited to attend the dedication ceremony.

Simpson said he hopes the dedication will inform the TCU community of the memorial and instill a spirit of memory as well as inspire ideas of how the TCU community can better honor one another. 

"It's important for us to honor and remember those who pass away and to celebrate their lives," Simpson said.

David Belpedio, former student body treasurer, said he hopes the new memorial creates a peaceful place for students that have passed to be remembered.

"[SGA] wanted to create a peaceful and tangible place where students who have passed could be remembered," Belpedio said.

As for the original plans for the memorial that were unveiled in September, Simpson said the only change that was made is the memorial statue’s height. It is now one foot taller than the original design.

The TCU House of Representatives had approved $62,500 for the memorial and it is on track to meet this amount, according to Simpson. He also added that any unused funds will be returned to SGA.