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Delta Gamma wins tennis sorority competition


Delta Gamma came out on top this year in the men’s tennis sorority competition.

In the second year of the contest, the sorority won the best season attendance award and was also voted the best match host. Delta Gamma was awarded $1,000 for their victories in both categories, head coach David Roditi said.

A selection committee chose the winners of both categories. The committee consisted of the tennis team, the head coach, the assistant coach, the tennis assistant, the director of marketing and members from the “Keep it in the Purple” Committee.

Roditi said the committee chose Delta Gamma because their enthusiasm was "awesome." The sorority hosted a patriotic theme for the March 24 match against Cal Berkeley.

“They cheered for a long time despite cold weather, they made t-shirts and they came uniformed,” he said. “We all felt they had amazing attendance and a great theme.”

Sophomore tennis player and sociology major Nick Chappell said he appreciated the support and the atmosphere Delta Gamma created during the match despite the bad weather.

“The DGs had the Cal match, and it was really cold and not that nice of a day. They could have easily left and not supported us, but I thought they still got a great crowd out there and created a great atmosphere for us to play in,” he said.

Delta Gamma competed against eight other sororities that also participated in the contest.

Roditi said he thought the competition went great.

"I was so pleased, thankful and honored of the great job all the sororities did for our matches. I wish I could give a prize to each sorority since they all did a great job,” he said.

Roditi said there are still improvements his program can make to increase fan support and attendance.

The tennis team is asking for input and created a survey for feedback. To take the survey click here

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