TCU student media leaders hired for summer and fall


The TCU Student Media Operations Committee has picked new leaders to oversee student publications for the upcoming summer and fall semesters in the Schieffer School of Journalism.

The committee is composed of faculty and staff from the Schieffer School.

In the summer, executive editor of TCU 360 will be junior journalism major Jake Harris. He is currently one of TCU 360's managing editors and was previously the opinion team leader. Harris said he is looking forward to being executive editor.

"Executive editor is basically running the entire TCU 360 site, and that is everything from approving stories to be published to having to step in as a copy editor when needed and working with your managing editors to make sure everything is going smoothly," Harris said. "It’s a lot more administrative than the hands-on feel that the reporter has."

One of the summer managing editors of TCU 360 will be sophomore journalism and Spanish double major Chloe Coleman.

“I like challenges, and I am ready to take on this position and put all I have into this," Coleman said. "Anything that will get me working and keep my skills sharp and further me in my career, I will take the opportunity."

Alongside Coleman as managing editor will be J.D. Moore, a junior journalism and political science double major.

Moore has had management experience in many different fields. He was one of the first to collaborate with TCU Sports Now, and in the past, he was the academics team leader. Moore is currently the sports team leader for TCU 360.

Moore said he has new visions for the newsroom this summer.

“I am very excited about the position because this is the time we get to experiment with everything," Moore said. "This is literally when we get to do whatever we want in trying to tell stories that we can tell in ways that we can’t in the spring or fall. One of the big things we are going to try over the summer is live video on the website, so I am very excited about that aspect."

As for the fall, executive editor will be junior journalism major Olivia Caridi, who is returning after holding the same position during the spring semester. 

Caridi said that there will be big changes coming to TCU student media and TCU 360, and she's happy to be a part of it. 

"I want to make a lot of changes in student media now that I've gone through a semester and learned everything that goes into being executive editor," Caridi said. "I can really go into it with confidence." 

Coleman was selected to remain as managing editor during the fall semester. She said she plans to bring new ideas to the staff, and is ready to work hard to provide the student body with the news they need. 

"I am truly excited and honored to have been chosen for the fall position," Coleman said. "I look forward to collaborating with the other managing editors and Olivia and bringing some new ideas to TCU 360, as well as making improvements that will stand for years to come."

Jordan Rubio will be a managing editor as well, after working as the student organizations team leader for TCU 360 this semester. Rubio said he is ready to help TCU continue its move into a new conference by increasing coverage to compete with other schools. 

"It's really a blessing to work at such a high level position of TCU 360," the junior journalism major said. "I'm really excited about all the opportunities for next year and the ways we can change our coverage for our second season in the Big 12."

Junior journalism major Kendall Morris will also be a managing editor for the fall. She said she is excited for the new position and has high hopes for TCU 360 in the upcoming semester.

"I'm just really honored that I was chosen, and I hope I can do a good job and hopefully TCU 360 will be better than its ever been," she said.

Junior journalism major Lauren Cummins will be the editor of Image Magazine, TCU student media's bi-annual publication. Cummins was previously the student organizations team leader in the fall of 2012. She is studying abroad in Spain this semester and said she is excited to get back to work.

"Next year I hope to bring the edge back to Image," Cummins said. "My goal is to uncover some of the hidden truths on our campus, whether good or bad."

Jake Harris contributed to this report.