TCU Press rebuilding the history of TCU

TCU Press rebuilding the history of TCU

Over the past couple weeks, the TCU Press has been asking for donations of Colby D. Hall’s "History of Texas Christian University: a College of the Cattle Frontier" in order to perform the first widespread reprint of the book.

Hall’s "History of Texas Christian University" was originally printed in 1947 as the first book to bear the TCU Press imprint. In the book, Hall details the oldest and fullest history of the university’s early decades, spanning from its founding to shortly after World War II.

In order to reprint Hall’s book, the pages of original copies will need to have their bindings to be removed to be scanned, effectively destroying them, TCU Press director Dan Williams said.

TCU Press has asked for donations of the original book so that they may have extra copies on hand during the reprinting process. Two books have already been acquired from donors, whose names were not released.

TCU Press hopes to begin the reprint within the coming year. The new edition of Hall’s "History of Texas Christian University" will remain faithful to the original with only one new addition to the book.

The addition will be a small biography on Hall that will be included in the book. Williams said that this addition is meant to honor Hall and his work, which remains "an invaluable source of history" for TCU.