Students participate in “creative” interviews


School of Art Graphic design students participated in 10 minute speed-dating style interviews as part of the Creative Gauntlet.

The event, put together by The Fort Worth Creative CooperationTCU graphic design department and Career Services, included 25 graphic design agencies that interviewed approximately 30 students.

The agencies felt The Creative Gauntlet was mutually beneficial, said David Elizalde, associate creative director of Warren Douglas Creative Brand Marketing.

“It’s a great way to meet multiple students all at the same time,” he said. ” [We can] see how not only the student community is growing, but also the agency community is growing as well. It’s really beneficial.”

The event idea originated from four people who saw a need, Fort Worth Creative Co-op member Charlie Howlett said.

“After the idea of The Creative Gauntlet, we needed to put [an organization] together,” he said. “We’ve been meeting and working in partnership with TCU.”

Some students said they plan on attending future Creative Gauntlets in the future, Maggie Simmons, a junior draphic design major said.

“I would definitely [come back],” she said. “It doesn’t hurt ever to talk to people, network, get feed back on your work, show your work and learn how to talk about your work.”

“It helps build confidence for the future, when you interview for real jobs.”

The Fort Worth Creative Co-op is currently brainstorming on the next event that will showcase the city’s creative talent, Howlett said.