TCU hosts two former international presidents


The TCU and Fort Worth community hosted two former international presidents in the BLUU ballroom this week.

Laura Chinchilla, former president of Costa Rica, and Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, were the keynote speakers for the forum this past Wednesday as part of The Vicente Fox Forum of World Leaders at TCU.

The forum consisted of speeches by both presidents, followed by a questions and answers portion open to all who attented. The focus of the forum was leading during difficult times.

The Honorable Laura Chinchilla was the first woman to be president of Costa Rica, holding the office from 2010 to 2014.

“It was very difficult to become the first female president of Costa Rica. I like to think of being president as being in charge of a big house. It is my job to keep that house a good home to live in,” Chinchilla said.

Tim Klein, a TCU student who attented the forum, said “I wanted to hear what she had to say. Costa Rica is an interesting country and she was their first female leader. I wanted to see what I can learn from her.”

Juan Hernandez, TCU alumnus and co-founder of the Hispanic Leadership Alliance, a Texas-wide organization, helped connect TCU with The Vicente Fox Forum of World Leaders.

“President Chinchilla has been praised internationally for her government’s forward-thinking approach to national and international issues. She is considered a leader in supporting anti-drug-trafficking legislation, the reduction of crime, especially homicides and crimes against women, the innovative use of technology called digital government and the protection of the environment,” said Hernandez.

The BLUU auditorium was completely full with TCU students and faculty as well as those from the outside community, including a local elementary school.

“The Fox Forum is designed to strengthen bridges between the Americas by investing in emerging leaders and enabling high school and university students to gain direct insights into presidential leadership,” Hernandez said.

This is the fourth time President Fox has come to TCU since first arriving on campus in 2011.

“I am convinced that everyone here is going to be the leaders of tomorrow. Each and everyone was created a leader. You just need to find your purpose and you will get there,” Fox said.

The forum came to a close with a standing ovation for the two former presidents.