Alcohol violations, burglaries continue to rise on campus


Liquor law violations and burglaries on TCU’s campus continue to rise at faster rates than enrollment rates, according to a report released Tuesday by the TCU Police Department.

TCU police emailed the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report to all students and faculty Tuesday. The 2014 report, which is required by federal law, contains crime information and statistics from 2011-2013.

According to the document, on campus liquor law violations rose 31 percent from a total of 539 in 2011 to 708 in 2013. Those numbers do not include offenses for drunkenness or driving under the influence.

The university enrolled 8,640 undergraduate students in 2013, about a 4 percent increase from 8,229 in 2011, according to statistics on TCU’s website.

The 31 percent increase in alcohol violations from 2011-2013 coincides with just a 4 percent increase in undergraduate enrollment in the same timeframe.

On campus burglaries doubled during this period. There were 26 burglaries on university grounds in 2013, compared to just 12 in 2011.

Other notes from the report:

· Sexual offenses dropped from 11 to 9 cases from 2012-2013. Seven of the 2013 cases were categorized as “forcible rape.”

· This is the first year the report specifically categorizes domestic violence, stalking and dating violence.

· Since 2010, there have been three robberies on campus. All three were in 2013.