Catching up with TCU royalty

Catching up with TCU royalty

“To hear my name called was a pretty amazing feeling,” said Baker.

Serio echoed his sentiment.

“It was pretty surreal to hear my name called,” she said. “My parents came all the way from Germany, so even if my name wasn’t called I thought I would act like it was and hope everyone else would go along with it.”

Baker and Serio graduated from TCU last May, with Baker earning a degree in finance and Serio a marketing degree.

Winning the titles of Mr. and Ms. TCU didn’t change much for either of them, at least according to Baker.

“I got a girlfriend not too long after that, but I like to think the two aren’t related,” he said. One thing that was a direct correlation of winning Mr. TCU was receiving an authentic Rose Bowl helmet worn during the game from Chancellor Boschini.

“Definitely one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received,” Baker said.

Serio said being crowned Ms. TCU left her with something money can’t buy.

“Knowing that the campus community sees you as someone who embodies what TCU stands for is more than I could ask for,” Sergio said.

As far as the current lives of the reigning Mr. and Ms. TCU, Baker and Serio took different paths.

“I work for a private investment firm right down the road from TCU, so I make sure to still visit the campus as often as I can,” Baker said.

Serio settled a little farther from TCU. “Right now it’s looking like I will be starting graduate school in Germany in the spring,” she said.

Despite the distance, Serio says she will definitely be in attendance for this year’s homecoming game against Oklahoma State University.

“I’ve been riff-ramming and practicing all the chants for weeks in efforts to blend in with my fellow frogs. People still do the ‘icky dickey doo wahh’ chant right?”

As for Baker, he hasn’t missed a home TCU football game since birth, so it’s safe to say he’ll be there.

Both Baker and Serio had some advice for this year’s Mr. and Ms. TCU candidates.

”Just be yourself and enjoy the experience. College is running out, so make sure you’re cherishing every last second you have left,” Baker said.

Serio added, ”Have fun with it. Take some time just to reflect on the entirety of your college experience. TCU is undoubtedly the greatest place on earth. Good luck and go Frogs.”