Tuition up about $2,100 next fall

Next fall’s tab for tuition is set to exceed $40,000.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said the Board of Trustees approved 5.5 percent hike for next fall at Friday’s meeting. The increase will cost students about $2,100 more in tuition, compared to this year’s annual rate of $38,510.

The full cost attendance hasn’t been set yet, but Craig Allen, director of Housing & Residence Life, has said he expects a 3 percent increase next year.

Boschini said trustees are also hoping to provide more scholarship opportunities.

“A big part of the conversation was on how to stimulate more money for scholarships for students,” Boschini said.

Boschini said there are three main areas the additional money will bolster: employee expenses, student programming and two parking garages.

Most of the tuition increase will be spent on employees, including their health care and benefits, he said. But some of it will also be set aside for student activities such as TheEnd’s weekend programs.

Boston said trustees talked a lot about the whole environment on campus and the Friday night nonalcoholic programming, how successful that’s been. He added that the programming “is very expensive, but has been very popular.”

Boschini said the board is considering ways to make Frog Camp sessions held in Texas free to students.

“We have a goal that every kid should be able to go to Frog Camp,” Boschini said.

The board also approved the construction of two new parking garages, which will be paid in part by tuition.

“[It’s] really hard to get a donor to pay for a parking garage,” Boschini said. “So they’ll be funded by us.”

The Board of Trustees will meet again in April.