Scharbauer Hall sports new recycling decals


Recycling on campus has always been there, but now it has a new look.

Senior biology major Lizzy Do is a part of the Chancellor’s Leadership Program. In the program, students are asked to leave a legacy on campus before graduation.

This summer Do realized her passion to aid in the environmental conservation and wanted students to know how TCU is addressing environmental issues.

“It just really clicked, I am passionate about environmental issues,” said Do.

Do was directed to Keith Whitworth, a sociology professor who also teaches a class on sustainability. Whitworth proposed the idea of designing decals to place on trash cans in an academic building.

“We are promoting awareness about the recycling program that is already in place at TCU,” Do said. “What we are doing is designing decals that differentiate the regular trash bins from the recycling bins.”

The pilot for this awareness started in Scharbauer Hall. Do and senior environmental science major Hailee Pipes put on the decals.

“I reached out to Dr. Whitworth this summer because I wanted to get involved on campus and make an impact before I graduate. He mentioned the recycling initiative with Lizzy and it sounded really interesting. She was really welcoming about having me help,” said Pipes.

Do has worked with TCU marketing to design the decals. She also worked with the physical plant in order to implement the program.

During Christmas break, Do and Pipes plan to start the next phase of the awareness program. The plan includes expanding to other buildings on campus, said Pipes.

“It is a way to encourage sustainable attitudes. You are seeing it being done in your community, so hopefully people will take what they see on campus home with them. That is a legacy the program is leaving,” said Do.

Pipes said the main goal is to educate students about recycling on campus. The hope is that if students know, they can help the system work efficiently..

“Use it and talk about it, we want students to be involved and give us suggestions,” said Pipes.