Changes coming to Bluebonnet Circle

The city planning department of Fort Worth said it hopes to spend $3 million on Bluebonnet Circle by transforming the businesses and surrounding neighborhoods into a pedestrian-friendly urban village with strong ties to mass transit.

City planners want to revitalize the area, make the area attractive to business and create housing options for newly minted graduates and students.

Currently, the plan is to open up the roads around University Drive and update housing in the area, said Katy O’Meilia, Fort Worth senior planner of architecture and planning.

“More affordable housing will bring more business and a younger community to the area around Bluebonnet Circle,” O'Meilia said.

According to the Circle's master plan, the revitalization plans have been in the works for several years. The plan states that residents and business owners are supporting the plans to develop two-story buildings on the circle as long as the construction maintains the area’s eclectic feel.

“I am embracing the idea because I think it will connect the whole neighborhood," Martha Jones, the president of Bluebonnet Hills, said. "You create an environment where people get to know people. You have all these wonderful restaurants and shops where families can walk around and interact.”

Arty Wheaton-Rodriguez, the Fort Worth City Council senior planner, said the goal of the project is to bring businesses back to once vibrant areas.

“I think if you create a nice green space out there, more people will want to be out there," Wheaton-Rodriguez said. "We’re trying to capture everyone’s ideas so that when the money does become available we are able to move quickly."

Wheaton-Rodriguez said the date to start this project has not yet been set.