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Chancellor Boschini talks tuition at town hall meeting

Chancellor Boschini talks tuition at town hall meeting

Nine students were in attendance at Chancellor Victor Boschini’s semi-annual town hall meeting Tuesday afternoon.

These meetings are a chance for students to come and give input on all things TCU. Students typically come to the private dining room in the Brown-Lupton University Union with questions for the chancellor.

Some of the main topics of discussion at this semester’s meeting included tuition increases, financial aid, sustainability and ways students can feel connected around campus.

Junior accounting major Chet Ford said he made it a priority to come to the meeting so he could get his questions answered and voice his complaints.

“If you’re not doing anything to fix problems, you can’t complain about them,” Ford said. “I feel like a lot of students have complaints but they never want to actually use their resources to get them accomplished, so I feel like this is a great way to do it.”

Political science major Gabe Merigian said he thought the meeting was a great way for students to get answers.

“This provides students answers,” Merigian said. “In the military, it’s what we call, ‘Going up the chain of the command,’ and this is kind of jumping the chain of command.”

Students who weren’t able to make it to the meeting were still able to get their questions answered.

Q: What causes tuition increases?

A: Boschini said it is a combination of fixed costs, like salaries and utilities, and the cost for new programs and faculty. That cost is then divided by the number of students, resulting in tuition increases.

Q: As the cost for tuition rises, what is TCU going to do to still make the university affordable for students?

A: The cost of college is always going to increase, Boschini said, and in order to compensate, TCU will be giving out more scholarships. TCU is also dedicated to working with students and their financial aid to make the school affordable.

Q: Why did TCU buy The Cellar?

A:  “The biggest complaint I get from students is parking and that’s going to be a ton of parking space right there,” Boschini said. “I’m not trying to buy The Cellar, I’m trying to buy anything close to campus so it just happened to be where we were trying to buy.”

Q: What is TCU going to look like in the next 10 years?

A: Boschini said one of the biggest projects TCU is working on is the addition of the new medical school. Boschini said he hopes to start accepting applicants for fall of 2018.

Boschini made several jokes about the attendance at his meeting, but said that he will continue to host them even if the numbers continue to be low.

“Even if only one student shows up and they have a good idea or if they feel like they have input, that’s fine for me,” Boschini said.

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