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TCU Board of Trustees to discuss tuition and campus carry law

FrogFest and Pep rally will both take place in the Campus Commons.

The TCU Board of Trustees will meet this week to discuss issues such as an increase in tuition and the Texas campus carry law.

The annual fall meeting will be November 11-13 in the DJ Kelly Center.

The committees will meet Wednesday and Thursday before convening with the full board for a meeting Friday morning.

Chancellor Victor Boschini’s Chief of Staff Jean Mrasek said two of the main discussion points at next week’s meeting will center around the tuition increase and the campus carry law.

The anticipated increase in tuition is a talking point amongst many students.

First-year pre-major Sully Lawrence said he is against the possibility of a tuition increase for next year.

“TCU education is already expensive, and raising tuition would put a strain on a lot of people’s wallets,” Lawrence said.

Boschini was asked about the rising tuition costs during this week’s town hall meeting.

“The cost of college is always going to increase. In order to compensate, TCU will be giving out more scholarships,” said Boschini. “TCU is also dedicated to working with students and their financial aid to make the school affordable.”

Another focal point for the board next week will be whether the university decides to opt out of the Texas state campus carry law.

The law has spawned numerous debates and forums on the TCU campus, with members of the TCU community passionate on both sides of the issue .

A decision on whether TCU will opt out of the law is expected to be announced at the conclusion of the trustees’ full meeting next Friday.

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