ROTC celebrates Veterans Day


ROTC Veteran’s Day wreath-laying ceremony at Robert Carr Chapel Nov. 11.

A wreath stood proudly at the front of Robert Carr Chapel Wednesday to honor all veterans who have served and sacrificed for the United States of America.

TCU ROTC celebrated and honored Veterans Day with a wreath-laying ceremony.

The ceremony was originally set for the Veteran’s Plaza in front of Reed Hall, but due to inclement weather concerns it was moved indoors to the Chapel.

The Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, Student Veteran’s Association, Army ROTC color guard, and various veteran and community members attended the event.

Mikayla Hamilton, Army ROTC Operations Sergeant Major, spoke at the event.

Hamilton said it is easy to forget all that veterans have done and the sacrifices they have made, so it is important to have days like this to honor them.

“We need to not only appreciate veterans overseas, but those stateside as well who face peril even during training,” said Mikayla Hamilton, senior biology major. “We also can’t underestimate the price their families pay in supporting them. Next time you see a veteran thank not only him or her, but their families.”

Army ROTC Battalion Commander, Chris Lamoureux, was the emcee for the ceremony. He comes from a long line of men in the military service and realizes the importance of remembering and honoring our veterans.

“The sacrifices that veterans make both in the past and in the present is instrumental to our thinking in the United States,” Chris Lamoureux, senior psychology major said. “It is important that we honor them.”

Even recent veterans who attended this event are appreciative of the opportunity to honor those who served before them.

“I’m more thankful for the vets who came and sacrificed before me,” said Michael Blackert, 10-year Army veteran and TCU student. “All the things they did to help the veterans for where we are today and for the veterans coming forward. I think it is a honor to bring people together to show we are thankful for the sacrifices they and their families have gone through.”