Fort Worth Transportation Authority to present proposed recommendations to improve transit

By Joey McReynolds and Jake Foote

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority will be holding two public meetings on Nov. 18 to present proposed recommendations to the city’s public transportation system.  The recommendations will include the steps the city plans to take in the next five years in an effort to improve transit.
The two meetings will take place at 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday at the Intermodal Transportation Center at 1001 Jones St. Each meeting will have displays for people to see and will contain the same information.
The meetings come after months of feedback asking residents how to improve the city’s transportation services. The transportation authority has provided an online outlet for people to voice their concerns and opinions with the public transit in Fort Worth. They have also sent a special T bus to different locations throughout Fort Worth outfitted with laptops in attempts to gauge feedback.
Fort Worth is also in the process of building a commuter rail. The proposed line is expected to be 27 miles, stretching from downtown to DFW airport.
An existing list of current service conditions and potential improvements for transportation in Fort Worth can be seen in the T’s Transit Master Plan.