Breaking down the intramurals point system


The High School Zeroes won the co-ed indoor soccer championship.

Many students know the intramural sports culture, but many don’t know how the point system figures into the equation.

Intramural events have a point system designed to calculate the winner for each team and individual sport.

Stephanie Milligan, intramural supervisor,  said the system is set up for a team to get 50 participation points when a team or organization participates in at least two games.

If they win, they get 200 points and second place receives 150 points. If your team makes it to semifinals, you get another 100 points, she said.

Milligan said in team sports only the points for the “A” team counts for your organization.

For example, Beta Theta Pi can’t enter five teams and get 250 participation points.

“Beta gets points only for Beta A, and Beta B is basically like their own organization,” Milligan said.

More points can come out of doing team or individual tournaments.

In team tournaments, a team that participates will get 40 participation points no matter how many teams they enter, Milligan said. She said if the team wins however, they get 100 points instead and not the participation points.

There are numerous opportunities and many people don’t realize events like the golf tour bring in points, Milligan said.

Milligan said it offers points for the first and second place winners in the tournament and if you win your name on the trophy, you get an extra 100 points.

Intramurals is open to any TCU student, faculty or staff member. TCU affiliates will need their TCU ID to play.