TCU students take part in adopting horned frogs

Students were given the opportunity to “adopt a horned frog” last Thursday in the Brown-Lupton University Union, but they weren’t typical horned frogs.

Since horned frogs are a threatened species and illegal to own in the state of Texas, students could take home the next best thing – theCrew passed out free plastic horned frog replicas in mason jars.

Team Leader Eric Ngo said the aim of this event was to promote school spirit.

“On Monday, I was brainstorming with members of theCrew and thought it would be a good idea to remind students what our mascot looks like in real life. These plastic versions were the closest we could get,” Ngo said.

Students stopped on their way in and out of the BLUU to pick up a purple horned frog model.

First year student Sam Bruton attended the event and said this was one of the more creative activities put on by the organization.

“It’s such a creative idea on theCrew’s part,” Bruton said. “Little things such as this really can boost students’ spirits by giving them a minute to stop and relax in the middle of their busy schedules.”

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