TCU student recognized for anti-human trafficking work


Maddie and Larry Adams

One TCU student was recognized last week for her impact and involvement in fighting against human trafficking.

Senior political science major Madeleine Bailey received the Larry Adams International Experience Award on April 4 for her impact and involvement in fighting against human trafficking.

The Larry Award is presented annually to undergraduate study abroad students who exhibit global citizenship following their time abroad.

While Bailey studied abroad in India last summer, she saw the negative impact that human trafficking has on people in India, said Susan Layne, study abroad advisor in the Center for International Studies.

Madeleine Bailey talks about her experiences in India: 

“Although human trafficking is a tough subject to talk about, hard to see in a real life, and harder to try getting solutions for, Bailey started to interact with victims of human trafficking connected with them quickly,” Layne said.

Since her return at TCU, Bailey has been looking for solutions to the human trafficking issue. She founded Outrun Trafficking and Co-Founded of International Justice Mission.

These projects have raised significant amount awareness of the human trafficking issue on the TCU campus and almost $20,000 for local and international organizations for anti-human trafficking.

Bailey was nominated by Dr. Tracy Williams, associate director of the Center for International Studies, who was with the students in India.

“I saw her engage with different people including politicians, human rights activists, children victims of labor trafficking, and women victims of sex work trafficking,” Williams said.

Williams said Bailey understood the complex dynamics of criminal networks that make these things happen, the poverty that leads people to be vulnerable, and the systematic situations that make it hard to prosecute.

“Students who study abroad not only get to learn more about cultures but more importantly, they have the opportunity to use that knowledge to have an impact on their personal lives and campus,” Layne said.

Bailey is the third recipient of Larry Adams Award. The recipient of 2015 is Sydney DeSpain for her study abroad in Ghana and her impact with book drives for Ghanaians.