No longer a sequel: BLUU 2 officially King Family Commons


Students enjoy the new dining facilities in the King Family Commons. (Nicole Strong / TCU360)

By Nicole Strong

The multipurpose building officially renamed King Family Commons.
The multipurpose building officially renamed King Family Commons.

It’s official: The multipurpose building, formerly known as “BLUU 2,” is the King Family Commons.

An anchor in Worth Hills, the building was named in honor of J. Luther King Jr. and his wife Teresa. During the ceremony, Chancellor Victor Boschini thanked the Kings for their philanthropic endeavors.

Students, faculty, family and friends alike gathered to attend the dedication of the building earlier this morning.

KFC includes five dining options, study areas and the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

“I think it’s such a nice option for the students in Worth Hills,” said sophomore Annie Diehl. “We have such a trek to main campus that eating over here and having a nice quiet study area has been really convenient for me as a resident over here.”

Designer Jon Pontius said the intent of the building was to feel like a second living room.

“We tried to get the students that we work for out of their rooms and socializing,” Pontius said. “What we tried to do is center that around food and create that space for people to bump into each other,” Pontius said.