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Sophomore ROTC Cadet contracted into the U.S. Air Force

Serena Shilts taking an oath with Lt. Col. Gregg after she had signed her contract.
Sam Bruto/Staff Photographer
Serena Shilts takes an oath from Lt. Col. Gregg after she had signed her contract.

 Sophomore ROTC cadet Sarena Shilts signed a scholarship and contract of enlistment with the U.S. Air Force on Thursday afternoon.

Once Shilts finishes her academic career she will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Her service will extend over a period of eight years: four of active duty and four on reserve.

“I am officially a member, that means I am dedicating my life to service my country,” said Shilts.

Shilts was at the end of a three-year scholarship that she received in high school.

“As long as she met all the standards and requirements during her freshman year of college she got to start her sophomore year with a scholarship,” said Lt. Col. Darin Gregg, commander of the Air Force ROTC Unit at TCU.  

Sam Bruton/Staff Photographer
Serena Shilts leads a marching drill while at front of formation.

Shilts is “an outstanding student and very good example of one of the top cadets in her class,” Gregg said.

Shilts is considered a general military cadet and carries the responsibilities of learning basic customs and courtesies of the military while developing her leadership skills.

In the summer Shilts will attend a higher level field training session at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. After graduating from the training session she will return to TCU as a professional officer in charge of training the younger cadets.

“There were some obstacles but I feel very privileged that I get to be here,” said Shilts. “This is all about training and becoming the best cadet I can be.”

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