#BeingMinorityatTCU goes viral on Twitter


Twitter user Tristian Brooks (@_StayFancy) tweeted this photo with the caption, “#BeingMinorityatTCU Working 10x harder in your classes because no one wants to work with the only black kid in class. (↓ representation).” (Courtesy of Tristian Brooks)

By Tamera Hyatte

#BeingMinorityatTCU trended on Twitter Tuesday night as minority students tweeted about their experiences at TCU.

The students reflected on the overt and subtle slights they face on campus. This followed an announcement by Chancellor Victor Boschini that he was creating an action plan that included a cabinet level position to address matters of race on campus. Boschini acted after he and several other administrators met three students who presented a list of demands they

said would make TCU a more open and inclusive campus.

Here are some of the tweets from the hashtag.