Tuition to increase 4.9 percent next school year


TCU’s Sadler Hall (Grace Fontenot/TCU360)

By Nia Brookins

The Board of Trustees decided at their meeting Friday that tuition will increase by 4.9 percent, Chancellor Boschini said.

The Board of Trustees voted Friday to raise the tuition for the 2017-2018 school year by 4.9 percent, which comes out to $44,666. This raise is slightly higher than last year‘s increase of 4.8 percent, but slightly below the average annual raise of 5 percent.

Boschini said tuition will continue to rise every year due to campus needs. Those needs vary from new faculty, raises for current faculty/staff members, to scholarships and other fixed costs associated with maintaining the campus environment.

“You should expect tuition to increase every year unless you want less some year,” he said. “We all want a lot of things but somebody has to pay for that.”

Boschini said some prices go up no matter what the school does. Approximately one-third of TCU’s funding comes from donors, one-third comes from our endowment and one-third comes from students.

“Everyone wants health care and that went up by 8 percent and you’ve got to pay for that,” he said. “A lot of new students want new academic programs. That takes faculty and staff members and you have to pay for that, too.”

Some other factors he noted were increases in utilities and increased benefits for staff. TCU also plans to have building developments and expansion.

Boschini assured that with the tuition increase, financial aid packages will increase as well. He said the Board of Trustees’ main focus is to get students who want to be at TCU enrolled.

“They want to ensure that every student that wants to get here still has access to TCU,” he said. “For the past six years we have raised the financial aid budget more than tuition each time.”

When TCU 360 tweeted out the tuition increase, TCU students and alumni reacted. Below are some of their responses: