Fort Worth resident dedicates life to rescuing dogs

By Tobi Carter

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One Fort Worth resident has been rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Echo Lake Park since a chance encounter about six years ago.
Judy Obregon started a rescue agency called The Abandoned Ones after following a pit bull down the Interstate 35 West service road. The pit bull lead Obregon to a mastiff lying on the corner.
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“Apparently someone that knew about the dog fighting issues was watching me as I tried to gain trust with the mastiff,” Obregon said. “He provided me with information on where to find dead dogs.”
The man, whose name Obregon does not know, continued to tell her about the dog fighting business that has been happening around Fort Worth.
“To this day, I don’t know what happened to this man but if it weren’t for him, then we wouldn’t have saved over 200 animals,” Obregon said.
The Abandoned Ones is a volunteer-based rescue group located in Fort Worth. The company currently relies on ten foster homes, volunteers and donations. They also rely on two local veterinarians: Animal Hospital at Valley Ranch in Irving and V.E.T. Care Hospital in Fort Worth.
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Obregon has been returning to Echo Lake Park, located off of Berry Street and Interstate 35 West, with her company twice a day for six days a week to rescue dogs. She said she continues to go back because no one knows the dogs are there.
“I blame myself for not going if I find one dead because I say, ‘Man, if I was here yesterday, this dog would be alive,'” Obregon said.
One foster parent and volunteer, Sharon Williams, said Obregon is a “go-getter.”
Williams said, “I’ve seen the trees she’s climbed and the fences she’s climbed. She’s just unstoppable when she’s out there and thinks a dog is in need.”
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Williams has been with The Abandoned Ones for 16 months and has fostered 12 dogs.
“You know you can’t possibly have all of them in your house and there’s always going to be another dog who needs you,” Williams said.
Foster homes have to go through an application process, must be 21 years of age and have permission from their landlord. Volunteers can fill out an online application to help rescue dogs. Donations can be made on The Abandoned One’s Facebook page or on their website.
The Abandoned Ones also receives tips about possible dog abuse at [email protected].
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