SNL Comedian brings laughs, generosity to Texas


Pete Anderson, a first-year business major, celebrates his victory over Pete Davidson in rock paper scissors

By Caroline Love

The Brown-Lupton University Union was full of laughs on Friday night as SNL comedian Pete Davidson performed for students.

He said he thought he was doing a good deed by coming to TCU after a natural disaster occurred in Texas, but then realized he had misjudged once he arrived and understood how far Houston is from Fort Worth. 

Not to be deterred, Davidson said he is donating the money he will earn from his performance at TCU to Hurricane Harvey relief funding efforts.

Davidson, who hails from Staten Island, New York, is currently the youngest cast member on SNL. He’s also the first SNL cast member born in the ‘90s, and suggested that’s why former president Bill Clinton sent Davidson a letter congratulating him when he was cast – a letter which Davidson joked he no longer has because he lost it.

The SNL comedian used a variety of material from his own life for his act: he joked about everything from his aging grandfather, to his secret love of the TV show, “Gossip Girl.”

Of course, he also said jokes about TCU. Like other comedians who’ve graced the TCU stage, it seemed he didn’t appreciate the horned frog. He said other schools must see TCU as a joke because of its mascot.

Davidson ended his performance by interacting with students in a question and answer forum. He said during the Q and A his whole performance was improvised. The audience responded with applause, but Davidson joked it wasn’t necessary. 

Pete Anderson, a first-year business major, celebrates his victory over Pete Davidson in rock paper scissors

First-year business major Pete Anderson decided to take the opportunity to challenge Davidson to a game of rock paper scissors during the Q and A. Davidson said yes and invited Anderson up onto the stage. After an intense game of Pete versus Pete, Anderson defended the Horned Frog pride and became the victor.

Davidson’s performance was sponsored by theEnd, a TCU organization that aims to create “incredible memories” for TCU students every weekend. Those who are interested in attending more events like Pete Davidson’s show can check the page for upcoming events.