TCU alumnus to appear on reality TV show


Hunter Ince on Sequester. Photo Courtesy of Hunter Ince.

By Sam Fristachi

A TCU alumni will soon be featured on the online reality television show Sequester.

Hunter Ince, a graduate of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, will be one of 20 contests on the show.

The show follows the group of strangers who are put into a house and have to compete against each other for the grand prize of $2,500. 

The show is very strategic, according to Ince.

“It’s a strategic and social experiment — you have to be prepared and adapt for each round,” Ince said.

Twists will be thrown at the contestants after each round to change up the game and each player’s strategy.

Two people are eliminated each cycle until there are ten contestants remaining.

“The first ten that were eliminated get to compete in a challenge to come back into the game,” Ince said. “The winner of that challenge joins the remaining ten and create what is called the jury.”

The jury will all have a hand in voting for a winner when Sequester gets down to two finalists.

The finalists will each sit in front of jury members to plead their case on why they should be the winner.

Ince said he has been a long-time reality television show fan for years and it has always been a dream of his to compete in one — and win.

He chose to try his hand at reality TV soon after watching Season 1 of Sequester.

He made it past the preliminary rounds for the show’s second season; however, he eventually got cut from the program before filming started.

Despite the setback, he reapplied for the third season and was picked to appear on the show.

“I almost didn’t apply, but I am so glad that I did,” Ince said. “I was kind of discouraged after not making it Season 2.”

The show was filmed from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1 right outside of Atlanta, GA.

For Ince, the best way to prepare for the rounds was to keep a good attitude.

“If there are rounds where one of my allies is going home that it is ok, just as long as I am still in the game,” Ince said. “It’s all right — [I] remain positive the whole time.”

Ince isn’t the first Frog to step into the reality-TV spotlight. He is joined by two other TCU alumni, Alex Apple and Olivia Caridi.

Alex Apple appeared on MTV’s “Stranded with a Million Dollars.” Olivia Caridi gained her notoriety from ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

“I would tell [Ince] to be himself and to not worry about being some character that other people want you to be,” Apple said. “Trust your instincts — you have to come off as authentic to succeed in a lot of the games.”

Caridi, who became an internet sensation following her appearance on the Bachelor, had to deal with a fair share of backlash from the internet.

“I was getting so much online hate that I had my sister change all of my passwords to [my] social media [accounts] so that I could not look at it,” Caridi said. “I would recommend that for anyone going on a TV show; you have to put your mental health before anything else.” 

Apple and Caridi agreed that life after the show was drastically different; however, they’ve both acclimated to it now.

Now, Ince is taking any advice he can get before the show airs.

“I’ve had people tell me to not look at the comments at all, and I’ve had people tell me to look at the comments and take it with a grain of salt,” Ince said. “I think it’s very entertaining to see viewers speak what they think about the game, whether that’s positive or negative. I would much rather be told by viewers that it was a dumb move then get no attention at all for the move I made.”

The show airs at 9 p.m. Sunday on YouTube and will be available on Amazon Prime after the show airs.