Student Success Series workshops aim to support TCU students



Student Development Services. (Heesoo Yang/Staff Photographer)

By Charlotte Tomlinson

A new workshop series is hoping to help TCU students deal with some common problems college students face.

Student Success Series is a series of workshops being put on by Student Development Services to educate students about things like time management and stress control.

“The goal is to provide student workshops that holistically support their living and learning at TCU with virtual and in-person options, which we are hearing that students are really craving during this time,” said Keri Cyr, the director of student success.

Workshops that have previously been held include “Time Management: Balancing Life and Academics,” “Study Smart,” and “Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You.” 

In another workshop held earlier last month titled “Reading to Understand,” Stacy Mason, the associate director of student access and administration, educated students on how to comprehend readings and overall be more confident readers. 

“There is a big expectation in reading for high school and versus reading for college,” Mason said.

Her presentation highlighted tips for students to use when reading and how to better evaluate their reading abilities now that they are in college.

Natasha Kataw, a first-year pre-med major who attended this session, said this experience was very educational and beneficial for her college experience. 

“I would definitely go to another workshop like this. As a freshman, I believe it’s very important to use the resources I’m given in order to adapt more easily and faster to college life,” Kataw said.

The series will last until Nov. 4 with workshops covering topics on how to write strong papers, how to deal with procrastination and how to have effective research skills. 

All of the previous sessions have been recorded and are posted on the SDS website, and for more information, students can email them at [email protected]