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TCU Christmas tree lighting returns to campus

2021 TCU Christmas tree after the lights have been turned on. (Kathryn Lewis/Line Editor)

TCU’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting is among many other on-campus traditions to return after COVID-19 forced in-person events to go virtual or be canceled altogether.

The festivities included a firework show, tents with cookies, apple cider and juice and the opportunity to take a photo with SuperFrog. The event had a big turnout of TCU students and faculty and members of the nearby community.

Sophomores and first-years had the privilege of experiencing the event for the first time this year. Prior to the lighting, Chancellor Victor Boschini apologized to those who may have missed out last year.

“To all the kids who were freshmen last year […] we apologize to you that we couldn’t do this, and so we made it 15 times better this year, wait ’til you see,” said Boschini.

As students danced around and sang to music, enjoyed the fireworks and drank hot apple cider, many found that Boschini delivered on his promise.

“My favorite part of the Christmas tree lighting was definitely the fireworks show,” said Julia Vasquez, first-year environmental science major. “It was super long and in sync with all the songs that were playing and I thought that was super cool.”

Regardless of whether it was their first time in attendance, this TCU tradition was well appreciated by students this year.

“Not having it last year was super sad for a lot of people, especially the freshmen who never got to experience it, so I’m really glad we got to have it this year and go all out,” said Chase Berry, strategic communication major and 2021 Outstanding Senior.

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