How TCU Parking & Transportation handles game day crowds


Parking lots around campus quickly fill up as game time creeps closer on Sept. 10, 2022. (Josh Willie / TCU 360)

By Josh Willie, Staff Writer

Game day parking at TCU starts long before kickoff.

Student lots, including lot 15, EC29, EC30 and EC28 are prime parking on game day. These lots are all near Lubbock Avenue and West Cantey Street. Students are expected to move their cars by Friday afternoon each week when the Frogs play at home. 

Lucy Thornhill, a senior fashion merchandising major, had to relocate her car prior to the home opener this season.

“I always get frustrated when having to move my car super far from campus, especially because I pay so much in tuition here and it is super inconvenient,” Thornhill said. “The lots also fill up very fast and that leaves me parking further than I want.”

Towing is a last resort, said Adrian Andrews, assistant vice chancellor for public safety.

Commuters can park in lots closer to the stadium including lots one through four and other lots surrounding the football stadium.

“There are many options for commuters to park including excellent signage and we have pay to park options through the Frog Club,” Andrews said.

The first TCU football game took place on Sept. 10. However, before the gates opened at 5:30 p.m., Andrews worked with TCU Parking & Transportation days before the event.

Signage, maps and emails are posted to help students and fans traveling by car feel at ease when parking before the game.

Resolving student concerns on relocating cars

Andrews also works to resolve students’ concerns about relocating their cars on game day. 

“We put out an email on Wednesday the week of the game letting them know exactly where to move their car in preparation for game day,” said Andrews. “There is a map provided in the email showing exactly where they can park by Friday at 8 p.m.”

The physical map that is attached to the email sent out campus-wide provides a visual element to help students relocate their cars on Sept. 7, 2022 (Josh Willie / TCU 360)

Bold signage scattered throughout campus makes it easy for commuters and students to navigate during game day. Detailed text notifies those driving exactly what to expect if they choose to park in certain areas, especially those in restricted zones.

Signage scattered throughout campus allows for a stress-free game day experience (Josh Willie / TCU 360)

Amon G. Carter Stadium can hold 50,000 fans. Making sure students and fans find parking safely and efficiently can be a challenge.

“My job is to keep the students, faculty and staff safe and my biggest challenge is this event (home football game),” said Andrews who is also the emergency operating center and incident commander at TCU. “Making sure students and commuters are parked safely and settled in before game time, my stress goes away.”